Best Day 11.19.2017

2017-11-19 08:08:02 by s1rka

Hello Newgrounds,

I did it! Today I finally bacame a Town Watch! Oh gosh I am so glad just now. It took a month lol



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2017-11-19 14:08:33

Congrats man, you've got a decent blam/save ratio going on. Some of the old fags here have a rly high blam count, due to all the crap uploaded over 15 years ago

s1rka responds:

like you? :D


2017-11-19 14:41:49

Yea I coulda had a sweet blam count early on, but chose to keep things 1:1... then I couldn't log in for a few years (long story), until I found an old password sheet while moving house years later. Could've made a new account in 2003, but chose to vote while not logged in. Oh well.
Decent tunes man, reasonably well composed stuff.

s1rka responds:

My God, 16 years on Newgrounds, it's very cool. Your page is older than me by two years lol


2017-11-19 14:51:11

The hell? You can already post to the bottom of the Front Page?! Oh you kids got it so easy these days ._.

s1rka responds:

I accidentally found this thing XD


2017-11-19 14:57:54

Gz. Keep going

s1rka responds:

Thank you friend


2017-11-19 15:27:52

Yea you discovered what was once Secret #4, and would unlock at Lvl 14 IIRC.
Old dog of a site this is, gotta know where to pet it